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Pegatron Corporation (Chinese: 和碩聯合科技股份有限公司; pinyin: Héshuò liánhé kējì gǔfèn yǒuxiàn gōngsī, lit. Grand Mastery United Technology Corporation) is a Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company that develops mainly computing, communications and consumer electronics to branded vendors, but also engages in the development, design and manufacturing of computer peripherals and components.

A former employee mentioned, "I was let go recently from Pegatron. And I wouldn't recommend any one working here, they don't care about their workers they just want people to work and make their stupid supervisor happy. They had 5 cases of covid 19 and last one they didn't inform anyone about. They kept it on the low. They really racist and only help their kind out . All the supervisors and leads are Indian and act like they're the shit."


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Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"I was let go recently. And I wouldn't recommend any one working here, they don't care about their workers they just want people to work and make their stupid supervisor happy. They had 5 cases of covid 19 and last one they didnt inform anyone about it. They kept on the low. They hella racist and only help their kind out . All the supervisor and leads are Indian and act like they're the shot noneeverything"

Assembly Line Worker (Current Employee) says

"Trash place to work but ok pay , The management is trash the onsite volt reps are useless and never know what’s going on when it comes to holidays and other events in the warehouse . They treat you like it’s you are a prisoner . Overtime isn’t what it seems either you are texted way more on overtime pay so there is no point of staying the extra 2 hours everyday ..... just trash"

Operátor 1,Operátor 2 (Former Employee) says

"Firma Pegatron je naprosto fatální firma která se nestará o své zaměstnance.Za dobu cca 13 let v této firmě žádný postup v před ani žádne přidáni na platu v takové míře že by zaměstnanci byli motivování k lepší práci.Neustále kontroly,řekla bych i utiskování lidí v míře která se rovná šikaně!!Žádné výhody pro zaměstnanceKrátké dovolené, šikanováni zaměstnanců, vymýšlení si různých věci, které zabraňují zaměstnancům mít svou práci rádi."

RF Engineer (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work is sitting around doing nothing until a fixture is broken and you get called down to fix it. Management was horrible and based on nepotism. Basically, the people that move up are those that speak Mandarin. You will get an underpaid salary, more than the minimum of any entry-level engineering positions. Hardest part of the job was when you have to come in during Saturdays or set up the production line. Also, you can get sent to night shift on short notice and you will never be sent to day shift again. Most, if not all engineering teams do not rotate engineers day/night schedules. Worst of all, my position was not a real engineering position, as you are mostly doing technician work. It's best to leave after a year, or have this job as steady income while you apply for better positions."

Skladovy operator (Former Employee) says

"Nikdy bych nedoporučil svému známému.porusovani zákoníku práce je zde zcela běžné.neochota zvyšovat platy.odbory jsou zde v neustále pohotovosti.vyhrozovani a nátlak na lidí,pokud nesplní jejich požadavky.arogantni a zcela nevhodné jednani s lidmi.Dotovane obedySpatne platove podminky"

IT Support (Current Employee) says

"Racist towards anyone who isnt from taiwan. Have no clue how to standardize something, and continue to change methods of work 30 times a day. Losing work."

FA engineer (Current Employee) says

"HP should pull their business, you are jeopardizing your name having this company to repair your product. The management suck, the sales director managing the production is a total mess. They talk about building moral but they flirt and have relationships with their subordinates even though these managers are married. So all favoritism and biased between employees is very common. There is no room for advancement.Nothing, time to find a new jobEverything"

Quality Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked as Quality Manager for 4 months and had a terrible time at this company. I was disappointed at every turn. The management team is from Taiwan and has not appreciation for work/family balance. It is just expected that someone would be answering emails at midnight and would stay at work 12 hours per day. In fact, I was yelled at, actually yelled at, for not being there for both shifts by the Operations Manager. After being there for only 1 week, they sent me and a team to China to a 50,000 person facility, similar to the Foxcon facility that was profiled on 60-Minutes in December. They have suicide nets on the dormitories and the operators look like zombies. Once there, we were informed that we were required to work 6 days per week for 12 hours per day, like the other Chinese workers at the factory. Worse even, when we arrived in Shanghai, our hotel was not paid for, so everyone had to come up with $1500 to cover the 1 month stay. None of this was explained before agreeing to go on the trip. As a line operator, this is a very marginal job at best. Training is pathetic if non-existent. Apple's grip on the organization is something I have never experience in my life when it comes to a Vendor / Supplier relationship. They are expanding exponentially in 2016 to repair new phones, and hired roughly 60 engineers, however never thought of where any of them would do their work. My team of 24 engineers had 4 cubicles to share. It's amazing that a company that is being paid millions of dollars every month by Apple would be so cheap with the employees it dependsVery nice operators and engineers to work with.Management is totally on another planet."

Debug Technician (Current Employee) says

"This job will literally give you depression and stress on an everyday level! Management has no idea how to run the lines!.. They cannot take criticism..Coaching form is in their pockets always and!..One more thing that no one mentioned, you'll be getting EVERYTHING minimum as per the law of CA and i mean, MINIMUM!40 hours/ week, no qualifications required to get in, easy jobYou'll be treated like a total slave"

laptop repair technician (Former Employee) says

"That is a very good company to start with. I have learned a lot from this in the beginning of my career. The Pay rates are little hard to understand though. I was getting paid half being Project Manager than a repair technician.Learning for beginnersCan't be long/life term career..."

Motherboard Repair Technician (Former Employee) says

"Was treated poorly from the beginning. Had a degree and was paid like i did not have one. I do not recommend this work place. Management was never there.Co-workersEverything"

Computer repair technician (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Pegatron for 3 years, in that time, I never once received one evaluation or raise, and I wasn't alone in that. The management is terrible, they have no clue what they are doing at all, hence, everything changes daily. They get so far behind because management are so greedy, they push aside all of the older customer units so they can get paid for the newer ones. They get caught by the customer, and frantically try and push all the old ones out while harassing employees to work faster. The management will nag you 10 times a day about your numbers. If you try and explain that you couldn't get parts, or have trouble units, they don't care, and just want more stuff shoved through the door. The workmanship is so low, they have to work on units 5 times or more to get it right. And they don't care if you don't get it right the first time as long as you meet their ever-growing quota. They promise Everyone is moved around everyday to meet the managements expectations, regardless if that person is proficient at that duty or not. It's all a game to them to one-up the other managers so they can get their bonuses. You can forget about taking your well-earned PTO time. If it is a medical/family emergency, they will most likely decline it and you will have to take the points. You can still get paid, but they will find a way to punish you. If you work here, expect a revolving door of unskilled workers, with high expectations from management that can never be met. I'm glad to be done with this place, it's one of the worst companies I have ever workedEasy workDumb management, Don't care about employees."

Industrial Engineer (Current Employee) says

"• Provided extensive training to new hourly employees. • Developed and improved Standard Operation Procedures (SOP’s). • Optimized process flow by following Lean Manufacturing Principles. • Recommended quality improvement policies"

Tester (Former Employee) says

"Seeing everyone everyday, that was working to make a secure job. To never trust this Company.. It is hard to understand how Management wanted you to work. The people I worked with was wonderful people. I enjoyed working with them all. There wasn't anything really hard about my job. Was working hard to meet the expectations.That at least they had given me a job.It was not sound or secure"

Assemblagemedewerker (Former Employee) says

"Hallo, Ik heb 26 weken gewerkt bij pegatron in Breda. Ik ben daar begonnen als assemblagemedewerker en zat dus met nog 600 andere in een grote zaal en deden de iphone5. Ik had het reuze naar mijn zin met al mijn collega's , Maar daar in tegen voor het uitzendbureau waar ik voor werkte (Adecco) Waren niet erg behulpzaam.Ze zeiden allemaal dat je ten alle tijd met vragen of wat dan ook bij hun terecht kon. Maar zodra je dat wou doen kreeg je gewoon de wind van voren of wisten ze van niks. Ik ben daar blijven werken omdat ik het geld hard kon gebruiken en ik het gelukkig met al mijn collega's goed kon vinden. We bellen elkaar ook op als er een wijziging was of er dingen waren veranderd want van de uitvoerder of het uitzendbureau kreeg je toch niks te horen of altijd pas te laat. De reden dat ik daar weg ben is omdat ik 1x in al die 26 weken die ik daar heb gewerkt ziek ben geworden. Er waren daar ook mensen die wel 2x per week ziek waren. maar schijnbaar konden ze het van mijn niet hebben en hebben ze me met een leuk smoesje eruit gegooid.Collega'sTeveel"

Repair Technician (Former Employee) says

"They are from Taiwan and import most of their employees. The Americans that do work there are all temps with no where to advance too. They want nothing but numbers and even giving them what they want will not get you hired on. This is a classic example of a company that abuses both the B1 work visas and temporary American employees. They threaten the imported workers with not renewing their work visas unless they give more numbers and they fire Americans for any reason they can come up with.noneeverything"

Repair Technician (Former Employee) says

"Long hours with a very clear language barrier, as well as racial discrimination. Management ignored constant issues, no room for advancement, and on my first day I made as much as my manager who had been there for eight years.Got to mess with computers.Everything else."

capturista de datos (Former Employee) says

"el salario es muy bajo, la cafeteria es de mala calidad"

Support Technician (Former Employee) says

"The lower management of the company are good, and the atmospheres that my coworkers created was good. However, this was to compensate for the pressure, low compensation, stressful environment we were in. I learned a little and was glad to move on.i got a chair? does that count?insufficient hardware, unsported staff, promotions are a joke."

Repair Technician (Former Employee) says

"Taking apart broken/ defective Hp units weather it be a desktop, laptop, AIO, tablet, you name it learned the ins and outs of computer hardware and how to replace them thats about it and thats only if you pick up fast there is a HUGE language barrier as most people that work at Pegatron are from Taiwan good luck unless you speak mandarin."